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Will you tell all your friends?

You've got your gun to my head.

Let the melodies intoxicate you
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This is not another rating community
were about music..and just being awesome
you dont need to be a stereotype emo/punk/goth/ etc
yes, theres an app. but its really just to see who you are and if we really want you posting in here

Once youre accepted:
*post about upcoming music events/tour dates
*pictures of concerts
*icons of bands
*whatever your heart desires as long as its related to music
***LEAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR PERSONAL JOURNAL..no one cares if youve been dumped

your lovely MODS:

~ Never give the MODs shit. This will result in immediate removal from the community, biotch.
~ Defend yourself. We find it entertaining.
~ Promote in 3 other communities and proove it by including the links in your application.
~ No whining.
~ All members must stay active and promote like the wind.
~ Put entire application in an LJ-cut titled "Make the same mistakes, I'll take the fall for you. I hope you need this now, cause I know I still do."

♥ Le Application ♥
::Height (yes, it matters.)::
::Whats your typical clothing situation::
::Your opinion on one of the following: Bush, Abortion, Gay rights, or war in Iraq::
::Drugs used and stories you may have concerning drugs::
::Make us laugh::

o1. Top Ten Favorite Bands (This should be difficult b/c there are just so many)
o2. Five Favorite Movies
o3. What do you think of the MODs?
o4. Favorite sound?
o5. Are you the shit?
o6. Are the MODs the shit?
o7. Biotch.

::Now give us at least two pics of you. Not to judge you on your looks, but because a picture is worth a thousand words, even iff your application isn't.::

::Use this to promote::

::if you are accepted you will be stamped with this::

::if youre not cool like that, you'll see this::