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Le Application
::Age:: 17
::Height (yes, it matters.):: 5'5
::Location:: dc
::Whats your typical clothing situation:: jeans and a tshirt i like to make my own sometimes and sometimes i wear skirts
::Sexuality:: straight
::Your opinion on one of the following: Bush, Abortion, Gay rights, or war in Iraq::
gay rights..i despise the fact that gay marriage is not completely legal everywhere and it's not fair to judge others and they should have the same rights as everyone else.
::Drugs used and stories you may have concerning drugs:: alcohol is a drug...so one time my friends brother was drunk and he walks up to me and says hey! you have hair!! then he was like can i braid your hair? and he tried to and said, i dont know how to braid and hit himself over the head with an empty wine bottle and fell ont he floor. the end.
::Make us laugh:: whats big, red, and eats rocks?
a big red rockeater!

o1. Top Ten Favorite Bands (This should be difficult b/c there are just so many)
1. the blood brothers
2. bright eyes
3. alkaline trio
4. cursive
5. mindless self indulgence
6. coheed and cambria
7. mates of state
8. modest mouse
9. death cab for cutie
10. jack off jill

o2. Five Favorite Movies
1. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
2. donnie darko
3. edward scissorhands
4. lost in translation
5. amelie

o3. What do you think of the MODs? awesome!

o4. Favorite sound? meow

o5. Are you the shit? perhaps

o6. Are the MODs the shit? yeah

o7. Biotch. BITCH!

::Now give us at least two pics of you. Not to judge you on your looks, but because a picture is worth a thousand words, even iff your application isn't.::

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